niedziela, 18 września 2016

Buckwheat gluten free bread for the lazy ones :)

This bread is really delicious. It's completely different from gf breads from markets. It's natural, fluffy, humid and tasty. It's really simple to make. To be honest you need only buckwheat groats and water to make it. I usually add some seeds because of better consistency and flavour. 


Buckwheat groats (white, raw) 500 g
700 ml water
1 tbsp of salt
1,5 - 1,75 cup of seeds (I used poppy and sunflower seeds)

  1. Rinse the buckwheat, put it into a bowl and add the water 
  2. Cover with some cloth and leave for 24-48 h. During this time groats should start to sprout and ferment a bit
  3. When you see that it's fermenting it is time to baking :) (sprouting and fermented grains are easier to digest because they have less phytic acid)
  4. Put everything into a food processor with S shaped knife, add salt and mix (dough should be smooth but not homogenous)
  5. Add your seeds and mix with a spoon
  6. Put it into a bread pan and put into cool oven
  7. Turn on the oven for 200 C degrees and bake for 55 minutes
  8. Next turn off the oven and remove bread from the pan 
  9. Put the bread onto a wire cooling rack, leave to cool
  10. Enjoy your delicious bread :)

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